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159629747-data-cloud-over-phone-device-with-flying-gettyimagesReal-time GPS (also called Live GPS tracking) enables a user to track an object with nearly instant updates for location, speed and other data. Live GPS devices transmit information from their location to a computer interface, where the object’s movement can be viewed as it happens. Easily monitor employees, fleets, vehicles, children, spouses and more from the comfort of your computer chair! Whether you have important items to track for your business or need to keep an eye on family or valuables, live GPS tracking has unlimited uses:

  • Keep track of an entire fleet with full route info
  • Ensure there is no idle time
  • Watch important cargo and inventory
  • Improve efficiency while cutting costs
  • Know where your employees are
  • Monitor children and elderly relatives
  • Catch a cheating spouse
  • Locate a fellow security guard or police officer
  • Boats, RVs, personal belongings and more

Live GPS trackers can save money for your business, provide crucial information for covert matters, and keep your personal assets safe. By accessing the Live GPS login from, you can watch new movements as they happen quickly and contently. Browse our GPS product pages to find out which real-time GPS tracker is right for you..

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