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Studies show cheaters are most likely to start an affair with a person they meet at work. Considering the workplace provides all the necessary physical and emotional elements for a relationship to grow, it does make perfect sense. When men and women work together day in and day out they have many things in common to bond over. Doing the same work, with similar stresses and schedules can provides the basis for an initial friendship.
A spouse and their new “friend” will spend many hours together during workdays, business trips, meetings, and other functions. Unlike their spouse at who frequently takes on an antagonizing role, coworkers are right there in the trenches and offer greater comfort than what is offered at home. Over time the relationship grows closer and closer, until real feelings develop which inevitably culminate in an affair.
While most workplace affairs are not planned and unexpectedly play out over time, some are premeditated for various reasons. A young intern may see it as an opportunity for career advancement if she sleeps with her boss, or an affair may be used as revenge for previous infidelity at home. Many workplaces often have an unspoken understanding that cheating is okay and even expected, so those who partake do not see it as a serious offense (the office Christmas party is a walking cliché of infidelity).
Regardless of how the workplace affair happened, you can bet it won’t be a one time thing. The vast majority of workplace affairs happen more frequently and only get more intense as time passes. For a husband or wife back home, the thought that their spouse will cheat as they walk out the door is devastating.
Nobody deserves to live with such uncertainty, and that’s why a Private Investigator should be hired to investigate a potential workplace affair. The Private Investigator will document the extent of the cheating, any current or past people involved with the affair, when and where the transgressions happened, and how long it has been going on for.
Evidence will be obtained through various means like photographs, video, audio recordings, computer monitoring, vehicle tracking, stake out and coworker testimonies. We will always operate discreetly and take special care not to disrupt normal workplace activities or arouse co-worker suspicions.
Workplace infidelity is an increasingly common occurrence that will turn your life upside down if you let it. If you have any doubts about your partner’s faithfulness at work, contact a JRS Private Investigator today. Contact JRS Investigations Now For Your Free Consultation (888) 737-7690


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