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What is GPS tracking?

GPS, short for “Global Positioning System”, is a network of satellites initially developed for military use by the U.S. Department of Defense. By interacting with various ground based stations, GPS satellite receivers are able to pinpoint the exact location, speed, and distance of any person or object with a remarkable degree of accuracy.

What can be tracked? What are some common uses of GPS tracking?

Fleets, cars, boats, RV’s, motorcycles, phones, computers, spouses, children, parents, cargo, pets, inventory and more – almost everything can be tracked via GPS as long as a tracking device can be places on or inside it, so the uses are limited only by your imagination.

Are the devices discreet?

Absolutely – GPS trackers come as small as a pack of gum or even a quarter. Modern devices are lightweight and compact yet extremely durable, so rattling in a container or kickback from the road will leave your device unaffected. With a little creative placement, the tracking device will be undetectable to everyone but you.

What is the difference between a GPS “logging” device and a “real-time” GPS tracker?

Real-time GPS tracking will allow you observe movements and get up to date information on your object in real time. The device will transmit data to a website or program so that the user can view the object’s location and other tracking information. Notifications can be configured to alert an owner of activity. Real-time tracking devices typically require the purchase of a subscription for the tracking service. GPS logging devices can capture the same data a real-time device, but they lack a remote viewing component. You need to physically have the device and download the data in order to view it. There are no subscription fees for GPS loggers, and they are usually less expensive that real-time trackers.

Are GPS tracking devices hard to use?

Initial setup for a GPS tracker is simple, so the devices can be used in a split second situation with little to no preparation needed.

How can I benefit from GPS tracking?

  • If you need to keep track of employees, cargo or vehicles, GPS tracking can be a valuable tool to manage your employees and increase productivity. Live tracking allows you to keep up to date and identify problems as they occur in real time. Reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and flag non-authorized usage.
  • When you would like to know where a person goes without their knowledge, covert tracking products are the perfect solution. Especially useful in catching a cheating husband or wife.
  • Keep your loved ones and personal items safe with a GPS tracking device- just slip on into a child’s backpack, a teen’s car or in any personal item you wish to put your mind at ease
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