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About Covert Tracking

vt image 17GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking devices are powerful devices that can be used for worldwide tracking – including real time live tracking. Whether you want to keep track of a car, a person or an entire fleet GPS devices supply you with the technology to get the information you need. Covert tracking can be used in a variety of situations and has been used for years by police and fire departments as well as by the U.S. government.

There are many reasons to use GPS tracking that include business, emergency and personal needs. These systems are becoming more and more a part of everyday life.

Personal Vehicle – GPS devices can track the whereabouts of your (or someone else’s) auto.

Fleet Management – Keep track of your vehicles and personnel to increase productivity and save money.

Emergency Services – Track your emergency vehicles and dispatch them properly to help save lives.

Construction – Use GPS devices to assist in large construction projects such as tunnels and bridges.

How Covert Tracking Works

Covert tracking uses GPS technology to provide access to data. Satellites are used to pass data to give exact locations. This technology is highly sophisticated and is unaffected by weather or location. The device transmits location based on longitude and latitude coordinates to the nearest satellite, which then transmits the data to the service company. The information can be provided on a real-time basis and can be shown on a map for easy viewing. Follow the movements of any vehicle by using GPS tracking devices.

There are many features that are helpful in location and tracking devices. Choose GPS devices that fit your needs. These devices are more affordable now than ever before and are easy to use.

  • GPS technology provides a high level of information
  • Small devices are easy to keep hidden
  • Move from vehicle to vehicle as needed
  • No training needed to use
  • Virtually no installation needed
  • Real-time viewing of data with some units
  • Reports from saved data
  • Vehicle information such as driving speed, stops and starts and distance driven
  • Access information on your computer
  • Long lasting battery
  • Self-contained devices
  • No technical expertise needed
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