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  • Easy to Use
  • Simple Installation
  • User-friendly access to data Real-time or reports
  • Small sized devices go undetected

Tips for Choosing Covert Tracking Devices

When choosing a Covert GPS tracking device there are some things to keep in mind. These will help you choose the device that best suits your needs and your budget.

Use – What you want to use the device for will dictate which one to choose. Do you need one or many? Will they be used for personal needs or for general tracking?

Size – If you want to hide the device from sight you’ll want a small, portable unit that will go undetected. Many devices are as small as a deck of cards.

Durability – If you’ll be using the device outdoors and in extreme weather conditions including heat and cold you’ll want to choose a device that is made for weatherproof use.

Battery – Choose a device that offers the length of battery use that will best suit your needs. Some provide rechargeable batteries to save money over time.

Real Time vs. Reports – Some devices allow for real-time viewing of locations along with report options. Other devices give you reporting options only to show previous activity.

Price – Most small GPS devices are very affordable. For those with real-time access you’ll need a subscription to the tracking website. Choose a yearly option to give you the best money-saving option.

Service – Choose a provider such as that offers reliable service and support when you need it.

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